Armin Lohbeck
Cello and Kinko-ryu Shakuhachi




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As a professional musician from Germany, living in Japan, I am open for concert engagements and offer lessons for cello and shakuhachi. Lessons can be for children to adults, from beginners to advanced, and I teach in English, German or Japanese.



Cello チェロ

As a professional cellist from Germany, I graduated from the Musikhochschule Detmold and learned from renowned teachers including Irene Güdel and Anner Bylsma. Today, I live in Japan as a freelancer, sometimes playing with Tokyo Philharmonic and other orchestras. I offer Cello lessons in the Tokyo area and welcome concert engagements.


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I began studying the shakuhachi in 1994 and received the traditional master license Shihan and the name Kyûmei from the Kinko-ryu Chikumeisha branch of shakuhachi. With concert experience as a soloist as well as in traditional ensembles, I am open for concert engagements and offer shakuhachi lessons in the Tokyo area and via Skype anywhere in Japan or the world.


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As a cellist and shakuhachi player I take up the challenge of retaining both classical music and traditional Japanese music cultures as well as combining them in new ways. You can get an impression of my work on Youtube and Soundcloud:




One lesson




One-to-one Cello lesson

60 分

60 min

チェロプライベート 月4回

One-to-one Cello lesson, 4 times a month

60 分

60 min

5000円 × 4

One-to-one Shakuhachi lesson

60 分

60 min

尺八プライベート 月4回

One-to-one Shakuhachi lesson, 4 times a month

60 分

60 min

3500円 × 4

Group lessons and private lessons anywhere in Japan are possible. Shakuhachi lessons are available via Skype and with Paypal payment. I also offer intensive Shakuhachi lessons in combination with a homestay for up to three days.

出張レッスンとグループレッスンは可能で、 授業料はお問合せください。尺八レッスンはスカイプで、その場合は支払いはPayPalで可能です。

My first album “Dreams” is a mix of baroque and romantic masterpieces arranged for shakuhachi and pipe organ, and is available on several online stores.



News  ニュース

Information on concert engagements, recording sessions and other updates are published on my Facebook page.